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Art by D.K. Pritchett of North Georgia

D.K. Pritchett, of North Georgia, has been painting all of her life. Her work is inspired by all the people and places around her ~ particularly, by the mountains of North Georgia. Landscapes, still lifes, and more portraits are viewable in the slideshow. Most of the art on these pages is not for sale ~ it already belongs in various collections. The pages are intended as a retrospective and portfolio of the artist's work.

(DKP): Kitchen Light (right) is a portrait of my father. It began as a study of color and tonal values. Parts of it come close to being white on white. This painting was a break from previous color palettes, which had tended toward rich earth tones. My paintings were strong in sienna, ochre, cream, rust, and deep blue, so painting in pale pastels was quite a change. Acrylic's tendency to darken while drying presented a challenge. In many ways, this painting was a success, and it is certainly the overall favorite among people who have seen my shows. It is a good likeness of my father ~ always one goal of a good portrait. Small paintings are my forte, but this one is large.

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Kitchen Light painting

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