Southern Muse: Art by D.K. Pritchett

Art Intro


Meet Otis Jones...

Otis lives the American dream.
He is the proprietor of a diner,
one where folks can drop in
for an old-fashioned hamburger
or just a cup of coffee & pie
(American pie, of course).

Otis is purely mythical, though,
a whimsical personality
existing only in the world
of artist, D.K. Pritchett.

The image at left is only
a detail of the print.
The actual work is a
full view of the diner,
with several workers
& patrons.

Reproduction print available.
More about print.

The original collage
is now faded with age.
More about collage.

Otis Jones Reproduction Print
View in brilliant color, captured before the original faded.
Also here, find details for ordering print.

Stamp-Photos While-U-Wait (collage)

Art by Southern Muse

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