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I have several blogs, for all of which my posting is pretty sporadic, but I do add quite a lot of content when I do have fits of energy. My Civil War directory blog is Muse's Civil War. My genealogy blog is North Georgia Kin. I upload art and genealogy photos to Southern Muse at Flickr and to my Southern Muse Albums on Picasa. Southern Muse Journal is an extention of my web page. Glimmers from the Stone Age documents my personal Internet history (the fearful geek). It is evolving into a blog of general musings on antiquated things. The Mossy Place is a quiet little place to go to ~ my desert island, so to speak. The Talking Artist is art for artists. I use it for thoughts about art. Trailer Trash Haiku is the most frequently updated blog. Billed as "culture for the less sensitive soul," this blog pokes fun at the more fortunate souls among us, who are largely unfettered by societal mores and expectations. These modern-day gypsies enjoy a freedom that most of us only dream of. Trailer Trash Haiku is distinctly humorous, decidedly southern, and slightly sophisticated (I mean, it is haiku). Southern Muse also has a Facebook Fan Page.