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Pension Files of Jane Cooper
   I.Files of 1850
 A. Cover Letter of May 1850.
File name: jane1850a    See transcript.
 B. Pension Application of 1850.
File name: jane1850b    See transcript.
 C. Oaths of Witnesses of 1850.
File name: jane1850c    See transcript.
II.Files of 1853
A. Cover letter of June 1853. This appears to be Jane's first application of 1853 for the reinstatement of her pension. Apparently, the proofs were never enclosed or were lost, because followup letters refer to lack of proof. Dated 17 June 1853.
File name: jane1853a    See transcript.
 B. Followup letter of September 1853. This letter, from George C. White, informs the court that Jane has received no reply to her earlier application (that is, her application of June 1853). Dated 20 September 1853.
File name: jane1853b    See transcript.
 C. Cover letter of October 1853. Jane's cover letter for her enclosed proofs, as she once again begs the court to consider her application for renewal of pension. Dated 28 October 1853, written about a week after the oath.
File name: jane1853c    See transcript.
 D. The "proofs": Oath & declarations of October 1853. Jane's proof of eligibility for renewal of pension: the declaration itself and the oaths of several witnesses and justices. Dated 17 October 1853.
File name: jane1853d    See transcript.
 III.Files of 1858
 A. Court Brief of 1858.
File name: jane1858a    See transcript.
 B. Pension Application of 1858.
File name: jane1858b    See transcript.
 C. Oaths of Witnesses of 1858.
File name: jane1858c    See transcript.
 D. Approval of 1858 Pension Renewal.
File name: jane1858d    See transcript.
  IV.Files of 1868
 A. Pension Application of 1868.
File name: jane1868a    See transcript.
 B. Oath of Allegiance of 1868.
Transcript of Jane's post-war Oath of Allegiance to the United States, along with the cover and back cover of the 1868 pension file.
File name: jane1868b    See transcript.

Pension Files of Peter Cooper


File of 1885
File name: pete1885    See transcript.

File of 1887
File name: pete1887    See transcript.

File of 1893
File name: pete1893    See transcript.

File of 1894
File name: pete1894    See transcript.

File of 1896
File name: pete1896    See transcript.

Files of 1897
File name: pete1897    See transcript.

File of 1898
File name: pete1898    See transcript.

File of 1899
File name: pete1899    See transcript.

Pension Files of Malinda Sizemore Cooper


File of 1915
File name: mal_1915    See transcript.

File of 1920
File name: mal_1920    See transcript.

File of 1927
File name: mal_1927    See transcript.

File of 1928
File name: mal_1928    See transcript.

Eastern Cherokee Claim Files of Peter Cooper


Original Claim by Peter Cooper
File name: pete_ec01    See transcript.

Letters of 1907, regarding claim no. 19589
File name: pete_ec02    See transcript.

Supplemental Application for Minor Children ~ 1908
File name: pete_ec03    See transcript.

Peter Cooper claim no. 41086
File name: pete_ec04    See transcript.

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