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Focusing on Families of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee

~ An assortment of family-tree documents from the files of Southern Muse at Family Tree Documents (A Genealogy Blog)

Southern Muse has spent 25 years researching a family tree. The family includes the surnames of Pritchett, Headrick, Dunn, Petty, Bryant, Cooper, Sizemore, Gray, and others. These families were in East Tennessee, North Georgia, and Northeastern Alabama. This blog is an attempt to share documents, photos, and scraps collected over a long period of time. These are bits and pieces from my files. In some cases, there may not be a paper backup. If you post to the blog, please keep your post related to the topic of genealogy. Posts about these particular lines are invited. The editor reserves the right to delete any post which does not seem suitable for the blog, including posts which give backlinks to Ancestry and other genealogy sites.

Surnames in the tumbler-blog include Headrick, Wigley, Bryant, Blansett, and Oiler, thus far. Later, it should include Pritchett, Dunn, Petty, Cooper, and other surnames.