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William Headrick of Blount County, Tennessee & Murray County, Georgia

The Headrick family of Blount County, Tennessee, and Murray County, Georgia, has been our subject of genealogical research for nearly thirty years. Jacob Headrick and Mary (Polly) Rice of Murray County, Georgia, married on 12 February 1823 in Blount County, Tennessee. Our Headrick Directory has great documents on this lineage...

1866 Headrick Heirs Deed (PDF)
Land is divided between Polly Headrick and her grown children. This property was originally purchased by old Jacob Hedrick, who died between 1862 and 1864, after having suffered abuse from Mr. Brown, a corrupt Confederate provost marshall in Bradley County, Tennessee. The Headricks, like many mountain folk, were strong Unionists during the Civil War.

Photos and Documentation on Jacob and Polly (Rice) Headrick,William and Mary (Emert) Headrick, and the W.A.L. Headrick Family
1850 Deed: James Morris to ? Headrick
1885 Deed: Headrick Heirs
Ann Headrick & Jeremiah Crowson
William Headrick & Mary C. Emmett/Emert (Marriage)
Jacob Headrick Homestead Exemption Document (old Jake's son)
Jacob & Polly (Rice) Headrick (old Jacob)
Jacob Headrick Descendants, limited PDF
My Headrick Lineage (North Georgia & East Tennessee)
William Hedrick: Revolutionary War Pension
William Abraham Lincoln Headrick Family (PDF file)
Wilfrey Green Deed from Lazarus Poteet
Jacob Headrick Pony Homestead Exemption
Ina Pearl Headrick Patty
Blount-Sevier Map: old Emert's Cove, Wear's Cove & more...
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Jacob Hedrick (Jacob Headrick) has tentatively been linked to the old Revolutionary War soldier, William Hedrick, who came from Pennsylvania and settled in East Tennessee, through his son, John. Although this latter connection remains unproven, the genealogy documents may be of help to others who are researching Headricks of East Tennessee. Our direct lineage comes down through Jacob and Polly's son, William, who married Mary Coming Emert (surname also known as Emmett). Their son, William Abraham Lincoln Headrick, was Southern Muse site owner, D.K. Pritchett's, great-grandfather.

NOTE: Strong documentation exists that connects William and Mary (Emert/Emmett) Headrick to Jacob and Polly Headrick of Murray County, Georgia, formerly of Blount County, Tennessee. Polly's surname of "Rice" is confirmed by the Blount County marriage license and by her daughter, Martha Jane Young's, death certificate. The lineage appears in The "Connection" in East Tennessee, with only minor discrepancies.


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