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Annie Emmeline (Lackey) Caylor

Annie Emmeline Lackey was born 4 May 1845 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, to William and Martha (Weir) Lackey. The Lackey family apparently moved to Georgia between 1848 and 1850. This was during the early period of Murray County's settlement by white homesteaders, most of whom came from East Tennessee, North Carolina, and other parts of Georgia. Annie Emmeline Lackey married Levi Caylor, of Tennessee, in Murray County on 10 September 1865. Levi, born 1 February 1843, was the son of William Aaron and Rhoda Jane (Dunn) Caylor.

Levi Caylor owned land in northern Murray County. He owned all or part of lot 88 in the tenth district, third section, of Murray County,* which was largely populated by Caylors, Headricks, Dunns, Lackeys, and other folks, mostly from East Tennessee. He and Emaline had these children: Eliza, William Robertson, Mary M., John Calvin, Martha Frances, James Wesley, Julia Ann, Henry L., Rhoda Elizabeth, and Ruth Clara Caylor. There were also some infants who died.

Annie (Lackey) Caylor died on 19 November 1901, probably in Murray County, Georgia, and is buried at Calvary Baptist Cemetery as "Ann Kaylor."** Her husband, Levi Caylor, died 14 September 1914 in Varnell, Whitfield County, Georgia, and is buried at Calvary Baptist Cemetery in Murray County, Georgia as "Levi Caylor."


Descendants of William Lackey
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