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William Hedrick, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a fife player during the Revolutionary War. He served under George Washington. After being discharged, William moved to Greene County, Tennessee, and later, to Blount County, Tennessee, where he settled permanently. His ancestors have been traced back to 17th-century Germany, according to research that others have shared with Southern Muse. Southern Muse has transcribed William Hedrick's Revolutionary War pension document and presents the transcript for the convenience of other researchers ~ just follow the link below.

Headrick descendants of William Hedrick still live in Tennessee and North Georgia. My research centers on two Headrick families of Murray County, Georgia ~ both of which descend from William the Fifer. They are William Mathew Headrick (often listed as William H. Headrick); and John Scott Headrick. In addition to Headricks, copious Dunns appear in my files, due to that natural magnetic attraction between Headricks and Dunns down through the generations. Also presented is an 1884 Pony Homestead Document of a descendant, Jacob Headrick, and some Murray County, Georgia, land deeds on Headricks.

Jacob Headrick Descendants, limited PDF

Ann Headrick Crowson Descendants (sourced)

Old Jacob and Headrick Heirs Deed (image, 5MB PDF)

Headrick Heirs, Murray County, Georgia, Deed (image, 8MB PDF)

William Hedrick Pension

Photos and Documentation on Jacob and Polly (Rice) Headrick,
William and Mary (Emert) Headrick, and the W.A.L. Headrick Family

Wilfrey Green Deed from Lazarus Poteet

Jacob Headrick Pony Homestead Exemption

Ina Pearl Headrick Patty

Families of North Georgia & Alabama

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