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William Hedrick

Revolutionary War Soldier

Application For Pension

State of Tennessee, Sevier County} On this 6th day of March 1833 Personally appeared before me Jacob Holland one of the acting Justices of the Court of lias* and Quarter sessions in and for the said County of Sevier and state of Tennessee at his own house in the said County and state he being intirely unable to attend court by reason of old age and bodily infirmity William Hedreik a resident of the said County and state in the said County of Sevier and state of Tennessee aged 89 years who after being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June the 8th 1832 that he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated He was born in Lancaster County Pensylvania on the 25th day of December 1744 He has no record of his age at this time he had a record in his family bible but he lost his bible some years ago He lived in said Lancaster County Pensylvania at which place he volunteered for a six months tour in the fall of 1775 as he thinks under Capt Thomas Cassinhefner in Maj Abraham Ledrours Regiment of militia he was a musitian and played the fife we rendezvoused at Sta...t..n* in Lancaster County at the time last aforesaid we marched to Philladelphia lay there some time and was joined by a considerable army but the names of the officers not recollected then we marched to Elizabeth town and Annbay* and then to New York Lay in sight of New York some time we then marched up the river and had a battle with the british in which we were defeated the name of the battle or of the place not recollected we staid in the neighborhood of the battle a considerable time and marched to New York lay their some time and then to Trenton and and then crossed the Delaware River and then back to Lancaster and was there verbelly discharged which he thinks was in the spring of 1776 He served at this time six months he may be mistaken as to dates and the perticulars of his tour but is sertain he served six months at this time He had a stroke of the palsey a few months ago which has so impared his speach that is with great dificulty he can make himself understood ~

Again while liveing in the said Lancaster County Pa some time in the

Second Page:
summer of 1776 as he thinks in the said County of Lancaster he enlisted for eighteen months under Capt Grub (his christian name not recollected) in the 5th or 6th Regiment of the Pensylvania line of Infantry or rifle men as he thinks The name of the Col that commanded him not recollected he was the greater part of the time under the command of Genl Washington He thinks he was enlisted by a man by the name of Armstrong his Christian name not recollected nor his grade he thinks he was caled Doctor Armstrong they marched to Philadelphia and then to Trenton he was in the battle of Trenton and in the battle of Prinstun and in the battle of Brandywine and also the battle of Jermintown after that we marched to Philadelphia and was then honourably discharged his discharge was signed by the said Capt Grub as he thinks but was lost many years ago he served his full time of eighteen months at this time He served in the whole two years for which he claims pension He was a fifer during the last tour of service and enroled as such He has lived since the Revolution the following places but he continued to live in Lancaster County Pa till the war was over he then moved into Sulivan County Tennessee he lived there about niniteen years and then moved into Greene County Tennessee lived there about nineteen years he then moved into Sevier County Tennessee and has lived there ever since He never was drafted nor a substitute He cannot state the name of the regular officers who were with the troops where he served nor the continental nor militia regiments farther than above stated He never did receive a commission during the Revolution He is known in his present neighborhood
~d to witt Divid* Cunningham John Cotter William Cotter Samuel Baley Robert Coisan & Aaron Crawlton* all of whom he believed would testify that he is a man of veracity and that they believe him to have been a soldier of the revolution* He has no documentary evidence and he knows of no person whose testimony he can provide who can testify to his actual service He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a

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pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agensy of any state sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid before me
Jacob Holland a justice of the Court over staples and quarter setions
William {his X mark} Hedrick
We Frederick Emmett a clergyman residing in the County of Blount and state of Tennessee and in William Hedericks neighbourhood but a cross the county line and John Cotter residing in the County of Sevier hereby certify that we are well acquainted with William Hederick who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration that we believe him to be 88 years of age that he is reputed and believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid before me
Jacob Holland a justice of the Court over ples and quarter sessions
Frederic Emmett
John Cotter
And the said Justice does hereby declare his opinion after the investigation of the matter and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the war department that the said applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states and it appears to him that Frederick Emitt who signed the preceeding certificate is a clergyman residint in the County of Blount and in the said applicants neighborhood and that John Cotter who has also signed the same is a resident in the said County of Sevier and are credible persons and that their statement is intitled to credit and that the said William Hederick is intirely unable to attend court by reason of old age and bodily infirmity,
Jacob Holland, a Justice of the peace of the Court of ples and quarter sessions

*Words marked by the asterisk are words I had difficulty deciphering. See transcription notes for details.


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