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Ina Pearl Patty

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Headrick daughters (l to r): Ina, Alice, and Esther

Ina Pearl Patty was born Ina Pearl Headrick in Cisco, Murray County, Georgia. She was the daughter of William Abraham Lincoln Headrick (WAL Headrick) and Anna Louise Brownlo Dunn Headrick. She first appeared in census in 1910. From that census, her name is often transcribed in error as "Iva." Ina married Houston Patty, the twin brother of Lucile Patty, but they later divorced. They had no children. The location of the marriage is unknown. Possibly, it took place in or near Knoxville, where Ina lived for some time. Houston Patty's sister, Lucile, married Ina's brother, Horace Jones Headrick.

Ina loved children and children loved her. She was a favorite aunt. Aunt Ina had a boisterous sense of humor. She dipped snuff. She loved chocolate-covered cherries. She always wore aprons ~ usually old, worn ones. Every year at Christmas, all the children would buy her new aprons and boxes of chocolate-covered cherries. She ate the candy, but she always put the aprons up, because they were "too pretty to wear." She loved to play the piano. She particularly loved an old hymn called, "I'll Fly Away."

Ina spent part of her life in a mental institution. Later, she moved back to Ringgold, Catoosa County, Georgia, where she lived with her sister, Esther Headrick Pritchett, for many years. In the early 1970's, they both moved down to Dexter, Laurens County, Georgia, where Esther's daughter, Nellie Sue Pritchett Shepard lived.

Ina Headrick Patty Memorial at Find-a-Grave

Ina Pearl Headrick Patty

Some time later, Esther moved back to Ringgold. Ina, however, went into the Dublinair Nursing Home in Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia, where she spent the remaining years of her life. She died on January 5, 1988, and is buried in Mt. Carmel Baptist Church cemetery in Dexter, Laurens County, Georgia.

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