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Winfield Scott Murray

Chronology & Household Composition

         1850 Union County, Georgia
         85th District, Page 255, Dwelling no. 748, Family no. 748
Names Age Sex Born Remarks & add'l data
W.S. Murray 27 M NC  
Caroline 25 F NC  
Robt   6 M GA  
Wm   5 M GA  
Raphala   2 M GA  
James   2 M GA  
Infant   1 M GA  
Sarah Wright 79 F NC  

Another researcher has given Caroline's maiden name as "Rogers," and states that Caroline is the daughter of Clarissa Cockram and Robert Rogers. So far, I have no documentation on that.

Elijah Petty and his second wife, Sarah (Parker), with daughter, "Nancey," age 8 (who is to become W.S. Murray's second wife), are still in McDowell County, North Carolina in 1850. Elijah and Sarah had only recently married. Nancy is the child of Elijah and first wife, Letty Lewis.

1854: Fannin County, Georgia is formed. The new county is formed from sections of Gilmer and Union Counties.

          1860 Fannin County, Georgia
          Stockhill 844 District, Page 1072, Dwelling no. 735, Family no. 735
Names Age Sex Born Remarks
Winfield S. Mury 40 M NC Merchant; Real est. value 100; pers. property 200
Robert 16 M GA  
Thomas 16 M GA  
Martha 10 F GA  

Caroline is now gone from the household, probably deceased. William, Raphala, James, and the male infant of the 1850 household are not enumerated here, unless they are listed under different given names. Robert is now aged 16. A new female child, Martha, appears here. Various young Murrays do appear in other Fannin County households in 1860, with families named "Brown," and "Murray." It is unknown if they are any relation to W.S. Murray.

Elijah Petty and wife, "Sallie," with Nancy, aged 18, are now in Fannin County (Stockhill Dist., p.1069, dwelling no. 713).

          1870 Fannin County, Georgia
          Morganton P.O., Page 391, Dwelling no. 174, Family no. 174
Names Age Sex Born Remarks
Scott Murray 50 M NC  
Nancy 27 F NC  
Milton 23 M GA  
Sarah   2 F GA  
William 5/12 M GA born Jan.

1877: W.S. Murray died. He is buried at Sugar Hill/Salem #1 in Fannin County, Georgia. Near him are two children's graves with matching markers: Dovie Murray and Georgia Murray. [A letter in possession of the Murray family, written by Bruce Neal of Neal Monument Company in Blue Ridge, Georgia, to E.A. Murray of Fletcher, Oklahoma, confirms that in 1939, E.A. Murray ordered stones for W.S. Murray and two others.] Also near W.S. Murray's grave is another grave with a hand-carved natural stone showing "R.F. Murra."

          1880 Fannin County, Georgia
          Skinah 1027, Page 1, Dwelling no. 2, Family no. 2
Names Age Sex Born Remarks & add'l data
Nancy Murray 38 F NC Widowed/div.; farmer.
Sarah 13 F GA Daughter; at home.
William E. 10 M GA Son; at home.
Alice S.   8 F GA Daughter.
Mary J.   6 F GA Daughter.
Andrew   3 M GA Son.
Sarah Petty 34 F NC Sister; housekeeper.

Note: on the above roster, parents of all individuals are designated as being born in NC.

Various siblings of Nancy Petty live nearby, including Daniel Petty next door. Elijah Petty (Nancy's father) and his family are on page 6, dwelling no. 51. David Pritchett, whose son, Stephen T. will later marry W.S. and Nancy's daughter, Alice, is on page 17, dwelling no. 146. (There is an error on David's middle initial, though, which should be "W" instead of "T."

1881: Elijah Petty dies. His will, probated in Fannin County, Georgia, mentions Nancy C. Murray as a legatee.

9 November 1885: Nancy Murray buys land in Murray County, Georgia. [Deed Book T, page 419: S.E. corner of land lot no. 168, sold by John R. Harris; transaction witnessed by W.D. Petty.] An old land map of Murray County shows "Mrs. Murray" on land lot 168.

          1900 Murray County, Georgia
          10th District no. 874, Page 6, Dwelling no. 96, Family no. 94
Names Age Sex Born Remarks & add'l data
Nancy Murray 55 F NC Widowed; farmer, own farm, mortgage free; born Sept. 1844.
Mary 25 F GA Daughter; born June 1874.
Elias 23 M GA Son; farmer, rents; b. Mar 1877.

On the above roster, parents of all individuals are designated as being born in NC. Nearby is David W. Pritchett and family; included in his household is his grown son, Stephen with wife, Alice (Murray) Pritchett and their three children.

Before 1910: Nancy moves to Oklahoma. In the 1910 census, Nancy is gone from Murray County, Georgia. We know from various family sources that she moved to Oklahoma to join other family members who had moved out there.

In addition to the children mentioned in the various census, W.S. Murray and his first wife, Caroline, had a son named "Gains." Gains Murray had a son named "Jim Murray." Several of the children from the first two census listings are possibly enumerated under various names, making it look as if there were more children than there probably were.

Marriages of Nancy Petty Murray's Children

Sarah Lou Murray married Andrew Greenville Pullen. They resided in Murray Co., Georgia.

William E. Murray married Ninnie Snider. They resided in Fannin Co., Georgia and Oklahoma.

Alice Safronia Murray married Stephen Thomas Pritchett. They resided in the Hall's Chapel area (near Crandall) of Murray County, Georgia.

Mary Jane Murray never married. She resided in Fannin Co., Georgia and Oklahoma.

Elias Andrew Murray married Vera Smith of Texas. They resided in Comanche Co., Oklahoma.

Nothing is known about the marriages of W.S. and Caroline Murray's children.

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