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Miscellaneous Tidbits on the Murray Surname
of North Georgia (Extracts by Southern Muse)

While searching for information on Winfield Scott Murray of Fannin County, Georgia, I found unrelated miscellaneous bits of data on other Murrays of North Georgia:

Murray surname, extracts from:
Cass/Bartow Co., Georgia Abstracts of Will Books A, B 1836-1922
Cass/Bartow Co. Will Book A, p.3
I W MURRY (listed as a witness on the will of Vincent Bowman. 10 June 1837)

Will Book A, pp. 172-173-174
Claudia R MURRAY listed as a daughter in the will of Zachariah EDWARDS, Cass Co. 4 Oct. 1855

[NOTE: From another source: Claudia EDWARDS married J. Scott MURRAY on 14 Dec 1852. Cass Co. Marriage Book I (page not given in my notes) part of Cass later became Bartow Co. (copied from unknown source at Crown Gardens and Archives in Dalton, Georgia.]

Cass/Bartow County, GA
Will Book B, 1885-1922, pp. 6-7
MURRAY, Peter. Bartow Co., GA. (Blacksmith) 11 April 1885 recorded 13 August 1885. Wife: Catherine. Children: Isaac, Akin, Thomas, John, Mary ROBINSON wife of Abram ROBINSON. Frances BOWAR wife of Jim BOWAR. Executor: Isaac MURRAY. Witness: J W H WIKLE, J A BAKER, J A HOWARD

Here is a vague, partial reference: I have a note to double-check the 1832 Georgia Land Lottery for MURRY, Thomas of Columbia* won land lot 4-14-3 (Cherokee Co.)

*NOTE: Here, I had not noted a state after Columbia, and later noted my confusion over this. My guess, in hindsight, is that the land-lot winner was from Columbia (prob. SC) and won land in Cherokee County, Georgia, which later split up into several small counties.

[Georgia]: Union County Marriages 1838-1849 (microfilm)
(This source is microfilm of the original document pages)
Ransom mare and Caroline [or Adeline?] MURRY(see notes).

NOTE: For Fannin County, Georgia, it appears that I did only a partial search, for the most likely years of marriage. Description: microfilm search for Fannin County Marriage Book A, 1854-1864; I searched only from page 117 (marriage beginning in Nov. 1859) through the end of the book. [Result: negative]. I did find the marriage of Scott's daughter, Martha, to L.C. Woody:

Fannin Co., GA, Marriage Book B, p.99: L.C. WOODY married M.L. MURRAY Licensed Jan. 8, married Jan. 9 (or 8, difficult to read) 1870, Fannin County, Georgia. The book covers marriages from 1866 to 1894. I only searched up to page 128, by which time marriages were up to the year 1872.

[Georgia]: Facets of Fannin County
p.161: T137 Nancy MURRAY: charter member of Salem Number One Church (1866).

[NOTE: For my own genealogy, I have assumed this to be Nancy (PETTY) MURRAY, second wife of Winfield Scott MURRAY. They would have married between 1860 and 1870 and had one child, which died before 1870. Winfield Scott MURRAY and family are buried at Sugar Hill-Salem Number One, so they probably had ties to the church. Nancy is buried in Oklahoma, where she moved years after Scott's death, with her grown offspring.]

Winfield Scott Murray Biography

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