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Transcript of the 1883 Pony Homestead exemption of
Lewis A. Pritchett of Murray County, Georgia

[Transcript Begins]:

Georgia }Schedule of personal property belonging
}to Lewis A Pritchett a Resident of said County
Murray County }who is the head of a family. Cuncisting of his
wife Mary Francis Pritchett. and two minor children to wit. Martha Ophelia three years old, Lula Gertie 3 months old and claimed to be exempt from leavy and sale under section 2040 of the Code of 1873. and the amendments thereto. by said LA~Pritchett the owner of said property & c

AttestLewis A~ his x mark Pritchett
R E Wilson.  
Schedule of property
9 head of hogs -
60 Bu Corn
8 Bu wheat
1 Bus Peas. and one hundred pounds of seed Cotten worth
three Dollars in lieu of provisions and one hundred
& forty pounds Pork. and other provisions amounting to $60.00
Two feather beds One cotton Matrass, with bedding and two
Common bedsteads.
One pair cards & 300 lbs seed cotten. now at Love's gin. in lieu of
100 lbs Lint Cotten.
Cooking utensils &~table crockey.
Wearing apparel of the family.
Family Bible & School books
One table & one set Chairs
One Cooking Glass. 1 trunk. 2 water Buckets.

Filed in Office. Approved &~Recorded
Nov 29' 1883

W H~Ramsey Ordinary

[End of Transcript]

Pony Homestead Record Book B, Page 13, Murray County, Georgia
See transcription notes

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