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This handsome young sailor (left) was photographed aboard the USS Macon CA132, along with a shipmate, Fred Thomas Pritchett, during World War II. We would like to identify him. View the full photo, below.

(Top to bottom, L to R):
Unidentified sailor (closeup)
Fred Pritchett (above, right) & Unidentified Sailor
Full photo: Fred Pritchett and unknown sailor on the USS Macon CA132 during WWII
Life Preserver: USS Macon CA132

Fred Thomas Pritchett (1924-2006) served on several ships before, during and after World War II. His favorite ship was the USS Nicholas DD449, which was deployed in the Pacific and saw a great deal of action during World War II. Fred also served aboard the USS Macon CA132. In this photo, Fred Pritchett (right) is standing beside an unknown sailor, a handsome young man with dark hair. The two sailors are leaning against a life preserver, which shows the ship's identification, USS Macon CA132 (slightly out of focus). The photo might have been taken early on, either before the United States entered World War II, or shortly after that time. We would like to identify the other sailor. If you think this young sailor is your husband, father, grandfather, or friend, please e-mail me and let me know his identification. If you served on the USS Macon and think that you can identify the unknown sailor, please e-mail me: dkp "at" southernmuse dot-com.* All comments are welcome, whether you served on the USS Macon CA132, and whether you are a World War II veteran or a veteran of any other era. If you think this man is your friend or relative, I would be glad to send you a copy of the photograph. The photograph itself is in poor condition. This page is current as of 23 October 2006. Thanks so much!

This page is in loving memory
of Fred Thomas Pritchett (1924-2006)
& all of our WWII vets!

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