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A Bryant & Pritchett Family Tree

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North Georgia

Murrays, Pettys & Pritchetts
These Pritchetts descend from Jasper and Barbary Pritchett of Gilmer County, Georgia (formerly of Buncombe County, North Carolina). My line is from Jasper and Barbary's son, Lewis Pritchett, born 28 November 1814, who married a Duckett. His son, David Wesley Pritchett, married a Pankey, daughter of Rebecca Littleton. David's son, Stephen, married a Murray, daughter of Nancy Petty. Some of these Pritchetts hit the trail for Kansas. Although mine returned to Murray County, others stayed out there and have descendants in that area. Branch lines of Jasper and Barbary in North Georgia are descendants of Jasper Pritchett, Jr., through his daughter, Mary Ann Pritchett, and her half-brother, Doc Taylor Pritchett.

Jasper Pritchett (born 1786 in Virginia)
Lewis Pritchett (born 28 November 1814)
David Wesley Pritchett (born 20 May 1844)
Stephen Thomas Pritchett (born 21 January 1871)
Willy Lee Pritchett (born 20 November 1896)
Alice Saphronia Murray (born 28 September 1872, Fannin County, Georgia)
Winfield Scott Murray (born 1820 in North Carolina)
Nancy C. Petty (born 14 September 1841 in N.C.; died in Oklahoma)
Elijah Petty (born 25 December 1806 in North Carolina)
Elizabeth A. Pankey (born 24 December 1842, Fannin Co., GA)
Wiley Pankey, Sr. (born 1812-1813; resided in Fannin Co., GA)
Rebecca Littleton (born before 1820; married Wiley Pankey)

Headricks and Dunns
Esther Vallie Headrick, daughter of Anna Dunn, married Willy Lee Pritchett. These Headricks are thought, but not proven, to descend from William Hedreik (Hedrick), who was a fifer in the Revolutionary War and served under George Washington. See disclaimer. This is the line of research that I have followed:

Headrick-Dunn Lineage

Sand Mountain, Alabama

Bryants & Grays
Charles T. Bryant (born 28 August 1874, Georgia)
Alex Jefferson Bryant (born 20 May 1905, Jackson County, Alabama)
Mary E. Bryant (born September 1859 in Georgia)
John Gray (born 24 February 1828 in Georgia or Alabama)
James Jefferson Gray (born 9 March 1851 in Alabama)
Mary Smith Gray (born 11 May 1876 in Alabama)

Coopers, Sizemores & Wigleys
Isaac Cooper (born 1804-1806, Kentucky?)
William Cooper (born about 1820, Kentucky?)

Peter Cooper (born 9 May 1843 in Deerhead Cove, Dade County, Georgia)
Isaac S. Cooper (also spelled "Issac"--born 29 March 1879 in Alabama)
Sallie Belle Cooper (born 6 July 1910, Jackson County, Alabama)
Richard Sizemore(born 1800, Greenville, South Carolina)
Malinda Elizabeth Sizemore (also spelled "Sisemore"--born 28 May 1848 in Georgia)
James Marion Wigley (once thought to be John)
Mattie Jane Emaline Wigley

Most of these families lived in and around Sand Mountain, Alabama. Research on them centers in Jackson and Dekalb Counties in Alabama; Dade County, Georgia; and Marion County, Tennessee.

I'll be happy to correspond with anyone who is researching these families. Direct correspondence to DKP at Southern Muse.  To research these names further, please check out my GedCom:

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