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Marcelle White: Long-Time Executive Secretary of Whitfield-Murray Historical Society

Marcelle Coker White, for many years, was the face and voice of Whitfield-Murray Historical Society. White served as Executive Secretary of the Historical Society and, concurrently, as Director of Crown Gardens and Archives on Chattanooga Avenue in Dalton, Georgia, which has housed the Historical Society. In 2009, just before retiring, White received the well-deserved title of "County Historian" of Whitfield County, Georgia. She had served unofficially in that capacity for many years.

The duties of the Secretary include writing the bimonthly newsletters and editing the quarterlies. White fulfilled those duties well during her time as Executive Secretary. She single-handedly researched, wrote, and edited many of the quarterlies. One of her most interesting research projects was doing the original research on the family who donated the George Washington brooch ~ one of the Historical Society's most valuable assets ~ to the Society.

Over the years, as many documents and artifacts were donated to the Historical Society, the Society's holdings very nearly outgrew the old Archives building. Even so, White had a knack for knowing, from memory, exactly where any given article was located, and could put her hands on it with very little searching.

Genealogists particularly appreciated White's storehouse of knowledge, as she could point to appropriate resources and indexes, often just by being given the surname in question and without looking it up.

Erik Gallman, of Murray County, succeeded White as Executive Secretary in 2009. As of 2011, Jennifer Detweiler, of Dalton, Georgia, has served in that role.

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Article written August 2011. Reference article from THE DAILY CITIZEN, dated January 24, 2009: Article on Marcelle White.