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Permission to copy the art, photographs, images, and text contained on the Southern Muse website is controlled by a Creative Commons license agreement. Generally, works may be copied or built upon (derivatives) for non-commercial usage on a share-alike basis. Publishers wishing to make commercial use of any images or text on the Southern Muse website must contact the artist, D.K. Pritchett. Permission will be given on a case-by case basis and may require payment in the form of one-time-payment for one-time use, or on-going royalties. Sometimes, the cost for copying a work may appear alongside the image or on a permissions page linked from the text or image, and payment instructions and/or a PayPal link. Images on pages containing pricing information and a PayPal link are understood to be licensed for commercial usage under the terms given, and is usable as soon as payment is received by the artist. In other cases, the artist will try to set a very fair price for reasonable usage of the work, which is currently free for non-commercial share-alike usage under the terms of the Creative Commons. Currently the default license for works by D.K. Pritchett (Southern Muse) is Creative Commons license "by-SA."

Creative Commons License
This work by D.K. Pritchett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are stated herein. Some rights are reserved. If any work within the Southern Muse website or the artist's related blogs are released into the public domain, that fact will be clearly stated on the page where that work is published. If the statement about public domain does not appear on the page with that particular work of art, then the art shall not be understood to be in the public domain.

The Creative Commons helps creative artists and publishers by making allowing the licensing of creative works in a way that makes permissions clear. Artists and musicians can license their work through the Creative Commons. Publishers can search for licensed works and review the Creative Commons license to understand whether the works can be copied for commercial or non-commercial use. On my works, I choose to allow non-commercial derivatives on a share-alike basis. That is, the publisher building upon my work must also allow non-commercial usage. Publishers who wish to use my work for commercial purposes must contact the artist for permission. Please support the Creative Commons by spreading the word and by donating to the cause!

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