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The Junkman's Son (Location, contact info.)

If you're into thrift, curiosities, antiques, hardware, retro decor, old-timey industrial gadgets, and thingamajigs that you don't even know what they are ~ here's a town's "best-kept secret"...

Junkman's Son is hidden in a little back alley off of South Hamilton Street in Dalton. I once said you couldn't walk into Junkman's Son and not crack a smile, but maybe I should have said a broad grin! My first time there was a Friday afternoon in February, 2007. I pulled into a nondescript alley off of South Hamilton and walked into a side door of the building. The first thing to meet my eye was a colorful array of big old quarter-vended merry-go-rounds, of the kind that used to sit outside of your local department store to lure your kids and suck the spare change out of your pocket. It brought a smile of nostalgia to my face, for sure! I hadn't expected this, but it was only the first of surprises in this wonderful old curio shop. Junkman's son is a no-frills warehouse, kind of hidden in a back alley, but no need to be afraid. The owner is nice and unassuming, leaving you alone to explore. I browsed the whole warehouse and left with a few coffee cups and a feeling of deep regret that I had no place in my living room for a two-ton antique safe or an old metal turntable.

Other surprises in store were a real wooden telephone booth, complete with phone; an antique National cash register of the heavy metal kind, with ornate scrollwork and little round buttons, of the kind you used to see in a general store ~ except that this one had extra rows of buttons for keying in large amounts at one time ($10, $50, $90, etcetera). There were some huge old mixing bins, crates of heavy-duty diner-style ceramic cups, and a grinder that came from an old restaurant. Also in with the restaurant stuff was an enamel thing with knobs, a metal stamping thing, and some huge stainless-steel hooks that might be mixer attachments and could be used as modern sculpture. One aisle presented a bunch of disembodied torsos and feet (department-store mannikins). There were several usable display cases, too. Nearby was a large platform of darkened wood, with four old-timey metal foot-props and two chairs. That took some brainwork. I'm barely old enough to remember what a shoe-shine counter looks like, but there it was. Also notable were a big cast-iron bell, boxes of hardware, some ornate hotel furniture, and two life-sized King Tut mummy cases (not the real thing, of course ~ but heavy). Junkman's son is located north of Los Reyes restaurant at 701 South Hamilton Street (Dalton).

Location and Contact info.:
Junkman's Son
701 South Hamilton Street
Dalton, Georgia 30722
(706) 278-2059
Hours: M-F 8-5; Sat. 8-4

E-mail clue (anti-SPAM technique):
junkmansson (can be e-mailed "at") charter dot net

Visited in person 16 February 2007 ~ info current then.

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