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Chatsworth & Dalton Quick Maps

Chatsworth & Dalton Area Map
Downtown Dalton Quick Map
Walnut Avenue ~ Exit 333 Detail
Hwy. 411 & 225 in Chatsworth
Northeastern Murray County*
Whitfield-Murray Historical Society (Archives) & Hamilton House

*NOTE: N.E. Murray County map is horizontal: set printer properties to "landscape."

Hi! Above are some links to some quick, easy maps that Southern Muse has provided to help first-time visitors to Dalton. These maps are geared toward genealogical researchers who are interested in finding the libraries, courthouses and archives. However, they should be helpful, also, to business visitors who need a quick orientation to find bed, food and entertainment for a one-night stay.

I am providing these in an effort to end some of the confusion caused by Internet maps, which are beautifully detailed physically, but sometimes labelled arbitrarily. Here, I have used names of streets and routes that are more familiar to local residents. For example, U.S. 411 is the common route used for travellers through Murray County, and is locally known as "411" (four-eleven) or occasionally as "3rd Avenue" in downtown Chatsworth. Confusion is caused by overlapping routes, alternate street names and odd designations that appear on Internet maps. For instance, there is one tiny segment of First Avenue that coincides with Hwy. 411, just at the intersection of Chatsworth/Dalton Highway (52/76). Unfortunately, this has caused confusion, as this exists only in the topography ~ there is no tangible evidence of it. Certain back streets and localized community names are very prominent on Internet maps, but practically non-existent in reality. Many of these dead-end behind railroad tracks and are virtually unknown even to local residents. For this reason, travellers who ask directions relative to Internet maps tend to get a blank stare and a "huh?" response. Hope these maps help. Enjoy your stay!

Tips about local travel

Dalton and Chatsworth are very easy to navigate. Almost everything in each town is on a main strip. For Dalton, this is Walnut Avenue, from exit 333. This avenue corresponds to Route 52, so travellers can get off at Dalton's exit 333 and stay on Walnut Avenue/Hwy 52 East all the way to Chatsworth (about 12-15 miles). Coming into Chatsworth, this highway intersects U.S. Highway 411. (The intersection is easy to recognize, having grocery stores and fast-food restaurants all around, including the large, pale-green Key West Inn, a very prominent feature near the northwestern corner of that intersection). Coming into 411 from 52, one simply turns right (South) and proceeds a few miles to the town square where the courthouse is located on the right.

Motels in Dalton are located at exit 333. Most are on Holiday Drive, Walnut Avenue, or Market Street. The next exit off of I-75 North, at Rocky Face, also has some motels, but very little else in the way of conveniences. However, Rocky Face exit is closer to north Dalton, which also has many fast-food restaurants and stores. These are located in the area where the North Bypass intersects Glenwood Avenue.

Some local addresses get very specific in designating "West Walnut" or "South Thornton." For easy orientation, I have designated these as simply Walnut or Thornton. The details can be learned over time.

Chatsworth has a few restaurants and cafes, antique shops, a motel, and many convenience stores. Most of these are located either on 411, or on and behind the main square, behind the buildings with the pretty old brick fronts.

Hamilton Street in Dalton and the small streets that intersect it in the heart of downtown have been renovated. "Downtown" has many interesting little shops and cafes. I hope to provide better maps to those later. Meanwhile, just know that it is easy to take Pentz Street to find parking. One can then walk down the block to Hamilton Street and explore the shops and galleries.


Dalton: The Post Office is located on Thornton Avenue, near the courthouse (across the street). Whitfield-Murray Historical Society, a.k.a. the archives, is located on Chattanooga Avenue. The library is off of Waugh Street. Turn onto Cappes and immediately see the library on the left. (Note: Travellers on the east end of town would turn off of Walnut Avenue onto MLK, Jr. Blvd. MLK becomes Waugh Street upon crossing Glenwood Avenue.)

Chatsworth: The Post Office is located on Alternate Hwy. 52/Fort Street, across from the South side of the courthouse. The library is located across from the hospital on Dalton-Ellijay Road, which runs between Chatsworth-Dalton Highway (52/76) and Green Road. The entrance to Dalton-Ellijay Road from the main highway is about one or two blocks west of the intersection of Hwy. 52/76 and 411 (west of Bi-Lo, Food Lion and Key West Inn). From that intersection, it will be a left turn. From Dalton, it will be a right turn.

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