About Southern Muse

The Voice and Vision of D.K. Pritchett

About Southern Muse

About us: Southern Muse is the website of the artist, D.K. Pritchett. It's main purpose is to exhibit our artwork, to promote the appreciation of fine art, literature and history, and to provide an editorial platform for the voice and vision of the artist and author. The muse celebrates beauty, joy, humor, irony and mystery. My website includes genealogy, history, southern living (with an emphasis on North Georgia) and some selected links. Please explore Southern Muse and enjoy. Scroll down for contact information. Thanks for visiting...

Email: Editor (at) SouthernMuse.com

or direct snail mail to: P.O. Box 159, Eton, Georgia, 30724

When writing to us, please be aware that Southern Muse is not a bricks-and-mortar company. We do not have a business location and we do not hire employees. This is a one-person publishing platform!

When Southern Muse began, about twenty years ago, it was all just my personal experiment in creating a web page and publishing my art and writing. It was a big, sprawling website that grew and branched out. Over the years, my web hosts have changed, and methods and styles of presenting pages to the world have changed.

When blogs came along, I started a few blogs and found that they are much easier to update than a static web page. But I can't easily give up Southern Muse. It remains my anchor for blogs and writing. My articles and blogs sometimes have to move here or there because of host updates and other annoyances. Don't worry ~ it's still me.

This version of my website is much smaller. It has just a few pages. Most of my genealogy and history content has been moved to my blogs. Some of my blogs will eventually be migrated to Southern Muse.