Web Helper

My own little list of links to the tools used to build and administer my blogs and websites...

Tools, links, and anchors to help me build and navigate the inner workings of my site.

Glimmers From The Stone Age detailing the history of my travails in building a few small sites and trying to maintain them. It also has a few non-related life stories...

Yesterday's Dream Today

my nature photos and links to my other blogs

The Fearful Geek

The Fearful Geek is my own tech page for people like me, who are scared of the really technical stuff in computing; things like, configuring Windows Settings. Not for the faint of heart, this blog has some rather terrifying scenarios that I encountered and survived.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a registrar and site host. I purchased the Southern Muse domain name from them years ago, but never used their hosting services. I've changed hosts at least twice, and am in the process of doing it again. Network Solutions remains the third-party registrar for my site.