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Southern Muse Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement was last updated on December 11, 2017. If you have not reviewed it since that date, please do so. You will not receive any other notice of changes to this statement. This document may be updated at any time at the discretion of Southern Muse, editor.

The Southern Muse website and all related pages are not directed at children under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please do not provide any personal information to Southern Muse or its editor(s).

Southern Muse respects your privacy. Except for identifiable information on specific genealogy contacts (see disclaimer), we do not collect personally identifiable information without your express consent and approval. [IMPORTANT: GENEALOGY EXCLUSION/DISCLAIMER].

Generally, Southern Muse does not collect personal information at all, except as needed to complete a specific business transaction. Southern Muse is not a secure website and does not provide shopping carts. Instead, we use secure, reputable third-party vendors (such as PayPal, Google, Cafepress, or Redbubble) to conduct such business. If entering into any browsing or shopping event with linked third-party sites, the privacy policy of the relevant site will apply. Read below for more information on privacy.

You do not have to provide personal information to use the Southern Muse website. You will not be asked to provide personal information unless that information is necessary for us to respond to your specific request. If you do provide such information, Southern Muse will not use it to SPAM you and Southern Muse will not share your personal information with any third party, except at your request and with your express permission. Exception: Genealogical queries are considered special requests and may fall under our policy regarding PERMANENT CONTACTS. If your correspondence is related to genealogy, please read our SPECIAL PRIVACY POLICY REGARDING GENEALOGY and PERMANENT CONTACTS

Southern Muse does not collect your credit-card information for any reason. Occasionally, Southern Muse does sell products or services such as artwork. In such cases, Southern Muse uses secure, reputable third-party websites, such as PayPal, Google, Cafepress, Etsy, or Redbubble, in order to complete the transaction. In such cases, Southern Muse will not have access to your credit-card information. However, Southern Muse may have access to other personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address, and/or phone number. We will use this information only as needed to complete the transaction, ship the product, and participate in any follow-up correspondence as appropriate. Southern Muse will not use your information to send unsolicited email correspondence. Southern Muse will not share your information with any third party; except with PayPal, Google, Cafepress, Etsy, or Redbubble, as appropriate, and then, only as needed to complete the business transaction. (See more, below, about third-party vendors.)


Southern Muse uses standard email accounts (hosted by GMail or GSuites or Google Mail), not secure email. Standard email correspondence may be viewed by third parties. Users who wish to relay private information to Southern Muse or its editors are strongly encouraged to use the U.S. Postal Service to contact Southern Muse (More information about contacting Southern Muse.) If Southern Muse receives personally identifiable information through USPS, the information will only be used as needed to complete business transactions, such as shipping purchased products, as requested by the user. (EXCLUSION: SEE GENEALOGY SECTION.)

Occasionally, Southern Muse may provide a user or page administrator with an email account or similar service on our account. In that event, the user may be required to provide name, address, phone number or other personally identifiable information from the user in order to provide, service, and maintain said email account for the user. Southern Muse email is hosted by a third-party, GMail (by Google), and is subject to GMail's privacy policy.

Privacy Regarding User Correspondence and Queries

Southern Muse receives a number of queries and general questions regarding articles, topics and themes of our website. The following special privacy policy covers correspondence initiated by user(s) of the Southern Muse website and directed to the editor, artist, or other entity of Southern Muse. Your emails and letters to the editor or artist at Southern Muse are handled in different ways, with different levels of privacy, depending upon the nature and subject of the correspondence.



Southern Muse receives queries on certain subjects, such as chenille tufting, art, the South, and other themes and topics. Generally, Southern Muse retains a user's email queries for a short period of time, in order to answer questions and participate in any follow-up emails between the user and the editor, after which the user's email and personal information is deleted. If Southern Muse cannot immediately answer the user's question, but agrees to do further research, the user's email address may be retained for an undetermined length of time while Southern Muse attempts to research a topic in order to answer the user's question(s), and participate in any follow-up correspondence. When it appears that the correspondence is complete, the user's email address and personal information will be deleted. Southern Muse will not SPAM you and will not share your personal information with any third party without your express permission.


Southern Muse reads and responds to general site queries and other unsolicited email at our own discretion. Polite queries from webmasters and other users may, at our discretion, receive a polite, appropriate response ~ after which the user's email and all personal information will be deleted. If Southern Muse is interested in a webmaster's site submission (or other query), Southern Muse may retain your email for an undetermined period of time, for further review, while we decide whether to provide a link or participate in follow-up correspondence. Once a link is selected for publication, the link will be retained, but the user's email and other personal information will be deleted. Southern Muse will not SPAM the user and will not share user's personal information with any third party without user's express permission. We do not respond to commercial SPAM. Unsolicited bulk or commercial email from any user may be reported as SPAM and will be deleted.

Third Party Vendors


When selling directly from the Southern Muse website, Southern Muse uses PayPal, a secure site, to complete business transactions as requested by you, the user, in a secure manner. When PayPal is used to complete a transaction, Southern Muse will not have access to the user's credit-card information. Southern Muse will have access to such personally identifiable information as is needed to complete the transaction and ship the product to the user. This may include name, address, telephone number, and email address. Southern Muse does not share this information with any third party (other than PayPal, as needed to complete the transaction). Southern Muse does not use this information to send unsolicited email to the user.

Southern Muse may provide a secure link to PayPal as needed to complete a sales transaction. Users are encouraged to double-check the link provided and make sure that the provided URL is secure, and that it is housed on PayPal's secure servers. The secure URL should begin with: Transactions completed using PayPal are subject to PayPal's privacy policy. (Read more about PayPal's privacy policy.)


Southern Muse may link to our related personal websites, hosted by third-party vendors, such as Redbubble or Cafepress or Etsy or similar sites. These sites provide a vehicle for individuals to sell original, hand-crafted works of art, or art prints and related products, produced on a per-order basis for the buyer or user. In the case of sales made using these third-party vendors, the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy of the third-party vendor will replace or override the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy provided by the Southern Muse website.


Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on Southern Muse. Google's use of the Double-click DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.


Southern Muse is hosted by Google Domains and built on Google Sites, using Google's G Suite tools. For more information, see:

Google Domains FAQs

Google Sites

G Suite

Like most Web servers on the Internet, Southern Muse (through Google Domains/Google Sites/G Suite) collects and stores within Web-access logs all of the information that your Web browser sends when it requests a Web page, including:

- the name, domain, and numerical internet address of the host computer (typically a computer belonging to your Internet Service Provider and not your personal computer) from which you access the Internet;

- the date and time you accessed our site;

- the Internet address of the Web page that you (user) navigated from;

- the page you requested from our site annd the number of characters sent to your (user's) computer; and

- the information your Web browser softwaare sends as its so-called “User Agent,” which typically identifies the browser software and may also indicate the operating system used in your personal computer and the type of computer.

It is impossible to determine the actual identity of an individual user from this information. The logs are periodically summarized and analyzed to study site usage over time and to perform other studies to help us improve the site's organization, performance, and usefulness. Monthly extracts of the log files are archived and stored offline at our discretion for an indefinite period of time. Some statistical summaries derived from these data may be retained online or offline at our discretion for an indefinite period of time. These analytical reports are performed for Southern Muse by Google, and are subject to Google's privacy policy.


Southern Muse and Google Sites Webhosting use cookies in order to complete generic usage reports such as number of unique page visits by user. These reports are completed by Google Sites Webhosting for Southern Muse, and are subject to Google's privacy policy. Cookies contain non-personally identifiable information.

Minors/Children Under the Age of Eighteen:

Southern Muse does not collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of eighteen (18). Minors are discouraged from sharing personally identifiable information of any kind with any website without consulting a parent or guardian. In regards to children under the age of thirteen (13), Southern Muse adheres to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (originally enacted in 1998, and subject to action by the United States Government.

Compliance with Laws and Law Enforcement:

Southern Muse cooperates with law enforcement officials or private parties to make the Internet to enforce and comply with the law, in order to make the Internet a safe place for business and correspondence. We may disclose any information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate to respond to claims, legal process (including subpoenas), to protect the property and rights of Southern Muse or a third party, the safety of the public or any person, to prevent or stop any illegal, unethical, or legally actionable activity, or to comply with the law.