Southern Genealogy

Certain families of the following areas are of particular interest in Southern Muse's genealogy: Murray, Whitfield, Fannin, Gilmer, Walker, and Dade counties in North Georgia; Blount County and Sevier County in East Tennessee; and the Sand Mountain area of Jackson County, Alabama. Those families are comprised of the following, and related, surnames: Headrick, Dunn, Pritchett, Caylor, Petty, Patty, Pankey, Cooper, Wigley, Oyler, Bryant, Sizemore, and Gray. These have been researched by D.K. Pritchett of Southern Muse.

My genealogy blogs for current research:

Family Tree Documents (on Tumblr)

The reason I'm providing my blog addresses: I use these blogs for current research, articles, biographies, obituaries, and genealogy data dumps. It's so much easier to update a blog than a static website. I already had my two blogs up and running, long before I changed my domain. It would just be silly to try to rebuild my blogs, duplicating all that good content, just to place it under the wings of Southern Muse. Check the blogs for content on the surnames mentioned above, as well as a few other related and unrelated surnames.

What is different about the blogs? How do they differ from Southern Muse?

Good question. I update them more frequently than this site, and I add much more content. I have been pulling scraps, tidbits, and photos from my home genealogy files, culling any that might cause privacy or copyright concerns, and publishing them on Blogger and Tumblr. There's no particular order, just pulling files and publishing them. The surnames include, but are not limited to: Pritchett, Cooper, Wigley, Headrick, Dunn, Bryant, Gray, Patty, Petty, Pankey.

Of the two blogs, I currently prefer (and update) North Georgia Kin, hosted on Blogger by Google. It's much easier to update than Tumblr. Good old Google!

My Old Family-Tree Site

Years ago, Southern Muse had a site hosted by Family Tree Maker, before The Evil Giant of Genealogy (you know who) took over that wonderful company and its related website and genealogy software. At first, The Evil Giant attempted to repress or lose Southern Muse's page. Later, for some unknown reason, The Evil Giant arbitrarily made the page available again. The page is no longer updated, ever, but is here, if anyone is looking for it: Families of Alabama & North Georgia.

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