Deborah Pritchett has been painting most of her life. Her work is inspired by people and places ~ especially in the mountains of North Georgia.

The artist holds a BA from LaGrange College and an AA from Young Harris College. She has exhibited and won various awards at both.

Artist's Statement

Art is a visual interpretation of life. As an artist, I'm always analyzing what I see ~ constantly re-thinking colors and forms, and how to express them. My life experiences, as well as the paintings of other artists, impact the way that I see, think and feel. That, in turn, changes the way that I perceive images and colors, and the way that I choose to put them on canvas. Art shouldn't stand still. My art continually changes. The transitions are often dramatic and seemingly without precedence; but they are usually the result of a great deal of thought, much of it subconscious. I don't always see the change coming.

My work is traditional in many ways. I've always had a strong attachment to portraits and landscapes ~ perhaps because of my appalachian heritage. I grew up in the mountains of northern Georgia. The way I see the mountains has changed throughout the years, partly through the way that my love of art and other artists has changed. The influences of Cezanne and Van Gogh are especially visible in my work.

~ D.K. Pritchett

The Oven Bird painting, sometimes called Morninjay, was inspired by Robert Frost's poem, The Oven Bird. It is not meant as a representation of that species of bird, but is an expression of the spiritual quality of the poem. It is my own expression of what the poem means to me. The image at right is a detail of the painting.